Harvest Calendar


The Ellijay area is widely known for its apples. The long growing season and cool nights during ripening insure superior flavor. Apples come in an amazing range of varieties, one of which will suit almost anyone's taste. The main varieties are:

Early McIntosh July Tart Eat/Cook
Gala Aug 10 - Sept 10 Sweet Eat
McIntosh Aug 10 - Sept 10 Sweet/Tart Eat/Cook
Red Delicious Aug 30 - Dec Sweet Eat
Golden Delicious Aug 30 - Dec Sweet Eat/Cook
Rome Sept 15 - Dec Sweet/Tart Eat/Cook
Mutsu Sept 15 - Dec Sweet/Tart Eat/Cook
Jonagold Sept 15 - Oct 10 Sweet/Tart Eat/Cook
Granny Smith Oct 1 - Dec Tart Eat/Cook
Arkansas Black Oct 5 - Dec Sweet/Tart Eat/Cook
Stayman Winesap Oct 5 - Dec Tart Eat/Cook
Fuji Oct 20 Jan Sweet Eat
Pink Lady Nov 1 - Jan Sweet/Tart Eat/Cook

To store fresh apples, pour loose into the vegetable drawer of your refrigerator. If you have a larger quantity, you can keep them in a paper bag open to the air in a cool place such as a garage or basement. The optimal temperature is 34 or 35 degrees but do not go below 32 degrees.






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